The Bama Experience

Custom tuning is a lifelong passion for the Bama Performance crew. With experience custom dyno tuning using handheld tuners as well as some training from world renowned calibrators, members of the crew were some of the first to tune for the Ford GT and cut our teeth on Super Snakes, GT500's and other high HP models. Mike and the rest of our tuning team have been working with SCT's founders from the dawn of handheld custom tuners, so it's great to have SCT's ongoing support as well - a win-win situation for our customers.

Dyno Photo

Before we begin your tunes, we ask a series of questions about the modifications that you currently have done to your Mustang. We offer multiple types of tunes for different driving styles and fuel octane ratings that you can choose from. With this information in hand, we can then begin creating your custom tunes which will be tailored to your info.

Our efforts behind-the-scenes help us stay ahead of the pack. We constantly test and refine our files using our own fleet of Mustangs, employee and customer cars on our in-house Dynojet 224xLC. With exclusive access to over 165,000 square foot of Mustang parts at the AmericanMuscle warehouse, the Bama Performance team gets first dibs at new products for testing.

The thing we like most about tuning is that there is something different every day, with every vehicle. You can tune 10 '05+ Mustangs with the same modifications and they will be pretty cut and dry and pretty similar to each other. But when you have different combinations of mods, with different types of forced induction, nitrous, different camshafts, and so on - there's something a little different, strange and maybe even new with each car.

We learn something from every car that's different and we pass that knowledge on to you in the form of performance gains that'll change the whole experience of your drive.